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Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Voice Season 2 finalist finally revealed !

It has been a while I did not write a post in this blog. I don't feel to write anymore. haha. nahh, i just busy with stuffs n school. Exam is around the corner, fyi.

So I just knew that The Voice Season 2 finalist has been revealed. So which team are you rooting for?

#TeamAdam (Tony Lucca)

#TeamCeeLo ( Juliet Simms )

#TeamXtina ( Chris Mann )

#TeamBlake ( Jermaine Paul )

IMO, Chris Mann could be the winner this time. That deep, opera voice, where can you find that elsewhere? But who knows, maybe that guy from Mickey Mouse Club or the only girl in the finalist really have their own advantages. Just wait and see!

Save the date 7 May 2012 as the finale live shows will be aired (well, that means 8 May in Malaysia )!

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