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Monday, September 19, 2011

Must Watch : The Vampire Diaries, 90210, The Secret Circle, Glee, Fringe and more US drama series

There are lots of drama series waiting for you out there. Some start kicking its' pilot episode, while other beginning to continue their season's legacy. Some are having a new twist on their season, while others revealing the secret from past season.

What am I talking about? That what you should read more about in here.

Here are some of my all time and also soon to be favourite drama series :

The Vampire Diaries (Season 3)
- Just kick out its first episode last week, it is a series you wouldn't want to miss out.

90210 (Season 4)
- Like the typical 90210 of previous seasons, the story get interesting with new cast and drama not to be miss out also!

The Secret Circle (Season 1)
- Airing right after The Vampire Diaries, its' pilot episode already caught my attention. If you was one of the magic and witch thingy, you might wanna watch this.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17
- ALL STAR yaw, thats all what can I say about cycle 17. ANTM bring back previous models back from Cycle 1 to 16. Just love the drama between the girls, and of course the beautiful one.

True Blood (Season 4)
- This truly a new definition of vampire story, and should I say it is not labelled as PG.

The Big Bang Theory (Season 4)
- One of many comic series that I love to watch. Its funny and also sarcastic sometimes, it totally blew up my mind off.

Glee (Season 3)
- This soon to be airing in US next week. I cannot wait what this season gonna happen. I heard few rumours, but let us just see it when Glee airing.

How I Met Your Mothers (Season 7)
- Yeah! It continues to Season 7 and we still get hook not knowing who is the mother is. Maybe this season will reveals all.

Fringe (Season 4)
- OMG, I'm so in love with Fringe, I can point what it is. With a puzzled and mysterious scene they left during Season 3 finale, it's time to catch up.

H8R (Season 1)
- This is truly what you need to see when celebrity meets their HATER(S). Can they win their haters heart?

and the list goes on.