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Friday, August 05, 2011

[MOVIE] Spiderman coming back again. Now with new actor!

Well. it has been a few days that this blog out of updating. Blame the crazy and lazy days in the past. (I have no idea why I'm writing that)

Get back to the main point, I guess people already start seeing this trailer and of course it is about Spiderman. It happens to be the next anticipated Spiderman movie after the third one. But it seems to be a remake of Spiderman rather than a sequel.

That wasn't the only surprise in this movie. Did the actor playing as Spiderman catching your eyes (literally) ? Well, we already seen him on the Social Network, which a quite interesting movie and won several awards. And again we'll see him on this spiderman movie.

But, isn't it was to early giving out this trailer?

- jacksky.

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