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Saturday, July 16, 2011

[OMG] Rebecca Black new video release this 18 July?

Oh em gee, what can you say, Rebecca Black who's popular 'hit' song, Friday, will be releasing her new song/video, "My Moment" on Youtube 18 July and on iTunes the day after that.

Although her official Friday video has been deleted on Youtube ( I guess so because I can't find it anymore ), well, she did come up with a new song for her fans. She did have fans, just see how many reupload Friday on Youtube ( not forgetting all the parody ).

My Moment - just a short story of Rebecca Black sudden rise to fame ( well, thanks to Friday, I guess). It include some footage at her last day during junior high school and also goin' to movies premieres.

Well, we just wait next monday for her new video, My Moment to be uploaded on her official Youtube channel.

In the meantime,

I know I will looking forward for it, do you ?

Rebecca official Youtube || Rebecca Black Website

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  1. tAK ! tAK MUNGKIN ! Apa dah berlaku di dunia nie ?


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