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Sunday, March 27, 2011

[ ] HP7 Part II - gonna be bigger! [trailer]

Have you seen Harry Potter and Deathly Hollow Part 1?

Haven't? yeah.. you so so sucks! haha.. well, get your torrent running because you need to watch HP7 Part 1 before watching this..

To those people who grateful enough have watched HP7 P1, well, Part 2 what we are waiting for, isn't it?

Here is a sneak preview for it :

I told yaa, it's gonna be bigger! but sadly, it will be the ending for Harry Potter movies..
I still remember the first time I saw HP, and it was "walaaaaaa".. great, amusing, interesting, amazing, too much words can describe it..haha

I feel so young watching HP, do we?? haha..

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