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Saturday, September 04, 2010

[ ] The Reborn!

I can't remember the last time I'd write blog in full English.

I'd do once, but I change it to using Malay words and slang.

I'd create one, using TUMBLR, but recently I deleted it. Nothing personal.

So, I call this 1st post of this blog a 'The Reborn' because this blog actually long existed before my recent blog [click]. I just change the Header name and the domain URL.

You might wonder, why is it using header name as 'HYPERclockUP'? google it, and it will explain all..

I hope I will able to handle 2 blog eventhough I will focus more on the other blog.

Thanks for reading.
Feel free to follow.
Feel free to leave ur trail or steps on the shoutbox.
Feel free also to click my nuffnang advertisement [ after I installed it ]..

Thx again. Its a new beginning. :)

p/s to myke. I succed creating this blog..haha..therefore u dun need to translate to english again. 

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