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Sunday, September 12, 2010

[ ] It's the new - The Return! The Vampire Diaries seasons 2.

Have you seen the first seasons of The Vampire Diaries. They caught the heart young people by charming Salvatore brothers, vampires and hot Elena Gilbert.
Now get ready to rock on your's boats, or couch, for a new season that full of thrill and dark mystery of The Vampire Diaries.

Season 1 is only the beginning, introducing the vampires and their secrets, love blooming, and family crisis over past secrets. It was the best vampire series I ever watch. 

Now, I am as eager as VD fans all over the world to watch the season 2. But sadly, it comes out first on US television on 9th Sept.
But, lucky for those who have high speed internet connections, we can watch it on youtube.

Here is the promo of season 2..although it is a bit too late, but enjoy it :



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