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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[ ] Did everything 'fall' this Fall ??

Oh yeah. Everything you have been waiting for did fall this Fall on television but so sad, in US television only.

Talking about it, yesterday was the kick-start of new season of 90210. Season 3 of 90210 promise you a 'senioritis' syndrome because its all Senior Year for 90210 and great stories that they left us behind during season 2 finale.


Another great drama series, Glee now will be on air 21 Sept in US. Season 2 brings new casts like Charice and many others, and it will be a heart taking shows of the year again. Heart their songs and drama, and dancing also.


Well, you now last week was the episode premiere for The Vampire Diaries season 2 and also a-new-hot drama series Hellcats pilot episode. Yeah, it was greattttt!!

Wanna gossip more??..Oh yeah, XOXO, Gossip Girl season 4 also fall this Fall. And you might not want to be missed, The Big Bang Theory season 4. Hilarious and funny.


Gosh, briefly, everything nice in tv fall this Fall.

So if you can watch it. Enjoy. I'll be waiting it on air on my M'sia. :)


This is their promo.trailer [enjoy] :

90210 S3:

Glee S2:

The Vampire Diaries S2:

Gossip Girl S4:

The Big Bang Theory S4:

Hellcats S1:

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  1. Hey bro! Nice post! See? I left a comment! Just so you know, I used to watch Gossip Girl... Chuck Bass is a role model for me. Typical rebel but with a good heart, it's not just obvious. I'm not a fan of Glee, but since Charice is there, I made sure I watch the whole of Season 1 and now waiting for every episode of Season 2... Charice is a Filipino. Not a fan of series, but i did watch Heroes, Smallville, CSI, ER... only when I'm bored... Take care buddy!

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